An Introduction to EOS®

Learn more about the EOS system helps build stronger business foundations, introduces clarity, and helps businesses move forward

Is EOS a good fit?

EOS® is not a quick seminar or an opportunity to dabble … at least if you want to see real change in your business.  An EOS implementation is a journey that I will lead you and your leadership team on to help you with three things … Vision, Traction, and Healthy.

The bottom line is that EOS is not something most people can really grasp in a 5 minute discussion.  To help business leaders grasp EOS and determine if it is a good fit for them, their team, and their organization, we put together this introduction of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

During this workshop, we will provide three things for you …

  • An overview of the EOS Model, outlining the tools and disciplines that help you move the needle in your business
  • An overview of the EOS Process, the way in which EOS is implemented with your team
  • A “choose your own path” deep dive into one of the EOS tools which is then available for you to take and use

The intent of this workshop is to provide you with more information about the EOS journey in order for you to make a more informed decision as to whether it is a fit.  If you are looking to effect real change in your organization and get you and your team more of what you want from your organization, then EOS may be a fit for you.

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    We have answers ...

    Is this workshop recorded?

    No, we conduct these workshop’s in live format only.  If the times shown are not convenient, you may schedule a session for you and your leadership team here.

    Is this just a sales pitch?

    We have all been there before … the webinar which is just one big sales pitch and you are waiting for them to throw in the steak knife set if you order before midnight.

    EOS is not something that can be “sold”.  EOS is a journey that we guide you and your leadership team on.  Thus, if you are not ready to embark on this journey and/or EOS is not a good fit for your organization, no amount of “selling” will make it a fit.

    What are my take aways?

    In addition to the EOS model and process overview, each of the workshop sessions includes a “choose your own path” section where we allow the attendees to select from one of the EOS tools to do a deep dive on.  You will leave the workshop with a copy of the selected tool with enough information to take this tool back into your business tomorrow and start getting value from it.