Do You Really Have a Vision for Your Company?

Suppose I was to walk down the hall in your office and stop random employees to ask them “what’s the vision of your company?”  How confident are you that they would say the same thing?

Ok, now lets take it one step further.  If I were to ask “how do you fit into the vision of your company”, what do you think their response would be?  How confident are you now in your vision?

For most companies, a vision or mission statement is something that some marketing consultant or business planner told you that you needed.  It might reside on the “About Us” page of your web site where it has been collecting dust ever since you wrote it.  Your employees might have heard it before, but it means very little.

Why is that?  If nobody knows it or uses it, why spend the time on it?

I would argue that the concept is just fine – it is the implementation that is flawed.  To expand upon this, let me show you why and how I believe your company vision is actually critical to your success.  Then we can look at how to build a real vision for your company.

The Series

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