The Building to Scale Podcast

Real people, talking about the systems and lessons learned necessary to build and scale an entrepreneurial business

Some of the best resources when it comes to business growth, scaling, and the inherent challenges associated are our peers

Over the years as an entrepreneur, I have built multiple businesses and now coach business leaders who are attempting to grow and scale their business.

I have lost count the number of books, webinars, etc. that I have read and seen on various aspects of building a business.  One resource has always stood out though when it comes to real value – the experience of my peers.

The idea behind “Building to Scale” is simply to bring real voices with real experiences together so that we can learn from each other and leverage past experiences – good or bad – to move our businesses forward.

Building to Scale
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James Creech is an entrepreneur focused on digital media and technology. His passion is putting together great teams, scaling growth, and building lasting businesses. As the Co-Founder & CEO of Paladin Software, he leads a team focused on being the essential influencer marketing platform for agencies and media companies. Most recently, James and his team […]
Over the years, Brad Weber has gone from one-man shop, developing custom software applications, to the founder and CEO of InspiringApps, a rapidly growing mobile app design and development company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Now with offices in multiple states and a growing remote team, Brad has experienced many of the growing pains that […]
After an accomplished career with the US Army as a Green Beret, Adam Clark worked through a path from defense contracting to the medical industry where he became the CEO of Tangible Solutions, a contract manufacturer of 3D printed titanium orthopedic implants. Like most entrepreneurs, Adam learned on the job when it came to the […]
Andy Hilliard is a serial entrepreneur with A both global and technology focus; he is the CEO of Accelerance, a consulting firm that helps technology leaders create and execute effective strategies for global software outsourcing. Andy has been responsible for driving the company forward through new ideas, a strong culture, and engagement with the market. […]
Ofer Yourvexel is the co-founder and CEO of Pepperi, the mobile commerce platform for brands and wholesalers. Prior to founding Pepperi, Mr. Yourvexel spent over 20 years in executive leadership positions with enterprise technology companies including Amdocs, Jacada, Enigma, and Tefen. As Ofer describes it, the move from big corporate executive to growing an entrepreneurial […]
As an entrepreneur in technology, consulting, and business for over 20 years, Uni Rosales Yost has led and managed multiple businesses that focus on creating new products and services in multiple industries including insurance, finance, healthcare, real estate, banking, mortgages, and more. Today, Uni is founder and CEO of GoAskJay, a leading innovative Insurance (Insurtech) […]
Chip Murphy is the co-founder of CDM Technology – a consulting, contracting, and professional search firm that works in the high-level IT space with a focus on software development, Dev/OPS (think Cloud), and high-level software architecture. In 2020 – right in the heart of the pandemic (crazy, we know) – Chip and his team expanded […]
Scott Beebe is the founder of My Business on Purpose, a business coaching, training, and strategy group that helps small business owners and organizational leaders transition from working IN their businesses to working ON their businesses.  Scott is also the host of the Business on Purpose podcast; a weekly podcast where Scott interviews small business […]
David has been thrust into intense situations, often with a ‘fix or sell within 90 days’ imperative. It has been said that “He is never intimidated by crisis.” David Baughman is the consummate operating professional and is the founder and CEO of Fractional Executive Solutions, a firm that provides the experience and knowledge of a […]
Every company wishes they have a crystal ball when it comes to making business decisions, and while a physical iteration of that wish is not possible, Tony Nash has developed the next best thing for his clients at his startup, Complete Intelligence. Tony is the CEO and Founder of Complete Intelligence. Before founding Complete Intelligence, […]
From IT technician to CEO, Dylan Todd of Wellteck IT is a Christian, Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Entrepreneur and Cross-fitter with a passion for People and Technology. Dylan started Wellteck IT in the spare bedroom of a friend’s house in 2014. The company is now more than 15 employees and breaking 7-figure revenue marks on a […]
As CEO of, Ian Gotts is passionate about providing the tools and training to help customers reduce the risk and improve the adoption of their Salesforce implementations. He’s been a customer Salesforce over the last 18 years and a regular speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Dreamin’ events. Over the years as a customer […]