The Building to Scale Podcast

Real people, talking about the systems and lessons learned necessary to build and scale an entrepreneurial business

Podcast Booking status: OPEN!

Would you be our next guest?

We are always on the look out for great guests that we can feature on the Building to Scale podcast with Jeff Chastain.

Each of our 30-minute podcast episodes features amazing entrepreneurial business leaders, sharing real life experiences – both good and bad – that come from growing and scaling a business.

Our audience is made up of entrepreneurial business like you that are looking for ideas and lessons learned that they can use as they work through the struggles involved in building a successful business.

We want to bring YOUR expertise to them!


  • You should be a founder or senior leader in a growing, entrepreneurial for profit business … non-profit? Let’s talk first …
  • As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum AND be grossing more than 6-figures annually. No cheating as we will be talking about how you are scaling and growing your business.
  • Your business should be US based and have a growing team of employees / contractors.  Again, we want to learn from you the challenges and successes you have had growing beyond the solopreneur / start up phase of business.
  • You should have a “help first” attitude.  While we will show you how to sell to our audience, it should from a place of service first and foremost.

Assuming you qualify above, we can’t wait to promote you multiple times through our super loyal fan base!

We are here to make you a success!

Once you schedule your pre-interview below, Jeff Chastain will share with you 5 videos to watch before your interview which will ensure that your time with us is a huge success!

Video: 1. Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

Video: 2. How to look and sound amazing!

Video: 3. How to sell effectively to my audience.

Video: 4. How to gear up for the NEXT LEVEL of your business!

Video: 5. What questions I’ll ask you.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Schedule your pre-interview with Jeff Chastain below.
  2. Have a 15 minute pre-interview call where we will learn a bit more about each other and run through the show format.
  3. We will schedule your interview.
  4. You and I will conduct the interview via ZOOM video – yes, we record and promote video.
  5. We send you all the assets, social media posts, and even video clips to promote.
  6. We promote you to our hard core loyal fans (we love sharing great content)!