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Regardless of industry, every growing and successful business today depends upon technology. Technology may be your business or it may simply be a vehicle which helps drive your business. In either case, if it is not a finely tuned system, then it is hurting the performance of your business. Your business depends on technology being available, scalable, and working when you need it. This is where we can help.

Personalized Technology Consulting Solutions

Some call themselves consultants or coaches, We prefer servant leaders

At Admentus, our focus is upon developing and levering the right solutions to enable the growth and well being of your business and team. Our view of technology is simply that it is a tool to help your employees and your business grow to its maximum potential.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is ...

we've always done it this way
- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper -

The Difference

Building Solutions and Helping Business Leaders who want confidence in the 'Plan'

When it comes to technology, the tools and the management principles are largely known. However, the act of putting together the right pieces to the puzzle to make your business move forward in an efficient and successful manner can be a challenge. If your business continually faces challenges achieving the results you want, we can help you …

Technology Strategy
and Vision

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. We can develop a technology road map that will ensure your technology implementation follows a strategic plan and that advances your business vision.

Increase Efficiency
and Automation

Inefficient tools and workflows cause problems with employee productivity which impacts the ability for your business to grow. Let us ensure the right solutions are in place to empower your team.

Technology Evaluation and Implementation

Every product is the best according to their sales team. We can serve as the middle man to best match your business requirements against different vendor's solutions to find the right match.

Staff and Partner

Identifying the right team players for your business can be challenging when technology is not your area of expertise. Let us help identify and vet candidates to fill your business needs.

How It Works

The Personalized Admentus Approach for your Business

Getting started with a CTO consultant, building trust, and learning how to work together are common concerns for many of our clients. In working with many different companies over the years, we have built our own process to help ensure that every project is a success.


Our initial discovery is focused entirely on your business where it stands today. We will work with stakeholders to understand the objectives and issues all before assembling any kind of plan.



The definition phase involves the creation of one or more strategic plans showing how all of the different pieces will work together and the approach to be taken for implementation.



The delivery phase sets the plans that were previously defined into motion and addresses any changes or conflicts that arise as part of the implementation.


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