When it comes to processes, systems, and technology, the actual tools matter far less than the experience you create with them.

Solutions Integration Consulting and Coaching Solutions for Passionate and Inspired Product Development Business Leaders

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “by failing to plan, you are planning to fail.”​ Today, we see too many businesses running without a plan, trying to balance on a knife edge day in and day out, between “functional” and “falling apart” even though their product is amazing, and their customers love them.

At Admentus, we specialize in helping business executives build a strong, stable foundation in their business, having confidence that their business is moving forward in a predictable manner and according to plan.

Our clients are less interested in having a cheap developer churn out code and more interested in having the expertise to assemble both technological and people-centric processes, tools, and infrastructure to help move their business forward in a stable, predictable manner.

To our clients, having things done the right way the first time is more important than trying to shave a few dollars off the cost of a project. (That’s not to suggest that our best clients are foolish in their budgets and spending; just the opposite.) They simply recognize that a strategic plan and a quality solution are far more important to the protection and long term success of their business than saving a couple of bucks.

And while we are confident that we can help you develop a strategic plan and implement the solutions that will help you achieve your business’s goals, we are not sure if our process will be suitable for your business … simply because we haven’t had a chance to speak in person.

Hi, I am Jeff Chastain …
The Creator, The Problem Solver, The Integrator

Creators do not believe in “impossible” – they are problem solvers and will find a solution using their creativity and knowledge that spans various areas of expertise.  The creator is focused on building solutions that last and doing things right the first time (even if it is a bit more work up front).

I started building at an early age – whether it was massive Lego creations or custom software programs – and I have not stopped since.

After more than 15 years consulting, many of the tools and systems have evolved (although I still have a number of Lego creations around my office), but I still enjoy seeing a process work efficiently, confidence return to a leadership team, and an organization positioned to scale in a predictable manner.

I have always taken a different approach …

I have always had a somewhat unique ability to be able to see and focus on both the big picture as well as break problems and issues down to identify the little details that others might miss.  With this, I bring an outside perspective to your business, where I make a holistic, top-down review of how all the moving pieces of the company fit together.  From there I map out a plan that integrates both technological and people-centric solutions to bring vision, traction, and health to an organization.

This process results in a strong, stable infrastructure that puts the you back in control, giving you your confidence and peace of mind in your business back, as well as allowing your business to easily scale well into the future.

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