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Growing your business should not be this complex

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    People Issues

    The people on your team are not performing at the level necessary to take your business to the next level.

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    Lack of Control

    Where business used to be fun, it now feels like a daily struggle just to keep the wheels on the bus.

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    Nothing is Working

    No matter what you try, you are blocked at each turn and nothing seems to be moving the business forward.

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    Declining Profitability

    The business is not producing enough profit to invest back into the business or yourself.

It does not have to be this way …
Simplify Your Business

Gain Clarity and Get More of What You Want

By working with you and your team using a toolbox of proven disciplines and tools, we help you get you the clarity you desire by strengthening the four major pillars of your business.


Your company's strategy and vision is the starting point for everything. Without a unifying strategy, mission, and vision, your team may be highly talented and performing, but they are not on the same page, pulling in the same direction with their eye on the same goal.


A strong, healthy team is key to the success of your business. Having the right people, sitting in the right seats makes all the difference between a strong, thriving company that is meeting and beating all expectations vs. a mediocre company that is just surviving.


Having a great strategy is just a dream if your team is not executing on that strategy day in and day out. A high performance team is working together with a shared playbook that instills accountability and discipline, setting your team up to execute on your vision every day.


The reality is that cash truly is king - without it your business will not make it. Yet, so many business owners don't truly understand the financial numbers of their business or the impacts that simple decisions can make on the financial health of the business.

You and your team will get to the point where the entire organization is crystal clear on your vision, performing in a disciplined and accountable manner executing on that vision, and working together as a health, cohesive, and fun loving team.

More than 50% of businesses do not survive past 5 years ...

Growing Your Business Should Not Be This Hard ...

You are an expert in your field with a great product or service that your customer base loves. In the early days, business was fun.

Now, it feels like you are on a river going through the rapids, barely in control of the boat with the waves and rocks tossing you back and forth.

We can help you rebuild the foundation of your business, simplifying everything, putting you back in control, and getting you more of what you want from your business.

Get your business back on track

Take a Journey with a Proven Process and Proven Results
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    The Approach

    Schedule an initial coaching session for you and your leadership team – completely complimentary – and establish a base camp for your team

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    The Climb

    Work through a phased learning and implementation process to gain immediate results while continuing to build and grow as a team

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    The Pinnacle

    Reach your Pinnacle – obtain simplicity and clarity in your business, getting you more of what you want from your business

Legos, Business, and a Weak Foundation

Growing up as a kid, I loved to build things and Legos were one of the different outlets for this passion.  As I grew older, the passion remained but the Lego sets grew more complex (and more costly).  One of my favorites is this collectors edition Imperial Star Destroyer model.  This 3,100+ piece behemoth took quite some time to build and sat on a shelf in my office … right up to the point when we we moved several years back.  Despite wrapping the model in protective wrap and packing it in all sorts of padding, the move still resulted in this mess.

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A Weak Foundation

The problem was not that the model got dropped or bounced around in a moving truck.  The model actually started falling apart simply by moving it from the shelf and the root issue was the foundation of the model.  While the outside shell of the model is incredible, it lacks any real solid foundational frame and thus when it came time to move, the model cracked and broke apart.

The Entrepreneurial Business

Most entrepreneurs don’t wake up one day and decide they want to build a business.  Most entrepreneurs start with a passion or a solution to an issue which then turns into a business.  As an entrepreneur, your background is typically not in business – it is in technology, medical, engineering, etc.  What you find out is that starting a business is the “easy” part.  Once you get it off the ground, that initial period of growth is fun – adding new customers and having parties every Friday afternoon with the team.

A Weak Foundation

As your business grows and starts to transition beyond the fun boutique stage, the weak foundation starts to crack.  Most likely you never see it at first – it is just one more customer, one more employee, one more custom order.  Before long, what was fun is now a train wreck waiting to happen with the next storm that comes along … and it will.  Whether that storm is a key employee leaving, a global pandemic, or even a whale of a client landing – your business will be stressed as it grows.

The Five Year Failure Rate

Unfortunately, statistics show that more than half of businesses that make it to their 5 year mark still fail.  With the business leaders I have spoken with, many times this corresponds with the transition from small boutique firm to a “real” business.  It comes with the transition from the fun teenage years to actually becoming an adult and realizing that trying to wing it with a “grown up” business is not a lot of fun.

A New Passion

Having been down this path myself with a previous business venture, I found a new passion in helping other entrepreneurial business leaders make this jump and rebuild a strong foundation under their business, allowing it to smoothly grow, scale, and handle the inevitable storms that are on the horizon.