Simplifying Information Security

I publish and post a variety of information security related resources for my clients to help them stay on top of the ever changing world of technology and how it impacts their business. If you have missed any of these reports, articles, or newsletters, you can view them here. This information is just one of the many resources and benefits that I make available for my network of business executives.

Information Security Spotlight

For your business to be protected and able to achieve its goals, you need to stay on top of the latest technology threats, and opportunities. The Information Security Update is written for you - the business leader and a technology driven world - to provide you with the latest information security news.

Lessons Learned

With any security breach there are always lessons to be learned and not repeated. Unfortunately, this does not seem to happen enough and many of the recent security breaches can be traced back to little details which were missed and could have prevented a lot of issues down the road.

Information Security Spotlight

Over the years, I have heard many reasons why various aspects of information security are not relevant, unnecessary, and a waste of resources for different businesses. In the "myth buster" fashion, here lie some of those myths and the realities behind them.

"I have relied on Jeff to direct me regarding IT services. With his experience and knowledge I found it best to give him a general overview of what I need and let him do the design and work."

Bill Moore
Oil and Gas Investment Advisor