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As Benjamin Franklin once said, "by failing to plan, you are planning to fail." Today, I see too many businesses that rush into new technologies without understanding the information security risks that they face in doing so. Based upon my experiences with other businesses, I can practically guarantee three things about you and your organization ...


While you likely have a vision for where you want your business to go, you are not sure which technology solutions are going to ensure that you meet your goals and what risks using those technologies pose to your business.


You are continually bombarded with sales messages from different vendors with buzz words like "cloud computing", "managed services", or "business continuity" and you don’t know what the right solution is for you.


If you have a “computer guy” working with your company, he/she is most likely working in a reactive manner with no strategic vision or plan and you are still not entirely comfortable with the security of your business.

If this describes you and your business ...

"I have known Jeff for nearly 10 years now. He is a man of integrity with a strong work ethic and attention to detail. He's intelligent, patient and customer-focused. I would highly recommend his services to anyone committed to a high quality solution."

Kathy Granger
President/Founder, G2 Executive Search
Myth: We don't have anything worth taking, it won't happen to me or my organization

I hear this statement from business executives all the time when talking about information security risks to their organization. However, with this line of thinking, you are missing two critical things.

First, for most organizations, there is a much bigger threat than an individual hacker or hacking group. Second, most organizations have something much more valuable in their possession than plans for the next super widget.

Simplifying Information Security


Through Admentus, I specialize in helping business executives who want to have confidence in the "plan", knowing that their business is protected and moving forward in a strategic manner rather than reacting to the latest emergency or technology fad. My clients are less interested in having a $20 technician set up a firewall and more interested in having an expert consultant work with them to set up the right policies, procedures, technology and infrastructure.

To my clients, having things done the right way the first time is more important than trying to shave a few dollars off their support bill. (That’s not to suggest that my best clients are foolish in their budgets and spending; just the opposite.) They simply recognize that a strategic plan and a quality solution are far more important to the protection and long term success of their business than saving a couple of bucks.

If this describes where you want your business to be positioned ...

Lessons Learned: Celebrities, Nude Photos, and Your Business?

For Labor Day this year we were greeted with the breaking news story that potentially a hundred big name celebrities had had their iTunes accounts hacked and all of their nude selfie photos had been stolen and posted online for anybody to see.

This is not the first time this has happened, so beyond the seemingly obvious point of not posting your nude photos online, how does this sensational news event impact your business?

"I have relied on Jeff to direct me regarding IT services. With his experience and knowledge I found it best to give him a general overview of what I need and let him do the design and work."

Bill Moore
Oil and Gas Investment Advisor
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